Newspaper Napoleon

Newspaper Napoleon is commander of his treehouse, charged with fending off neighborhood bullies through childhood antics like lobbing waterballoons, shooting squirt guns, flying RC planes, and more. In this whimsical world the player slowly becomes immersed in an unexpected environment—in a way that only childhood imagination can accomplish.

This new twist on the tower defence genre requires players to be quick on their feet by creating synergy through teamwork, increasing their defence against the onslaught of baddies. This can be accomplished by pairing different members of his crew together, upgrading the fort, and utilizing the weapons of his backyard battlefield.



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The Legend of the Fire Spirit

The Legend of the Fire Spirit installation was designed and built for the culture and history of the Eastern Washington town Twisp. It builds on the regional tradition of myth and storytelling to explain the dynamic between people, forest, fire and how it evolved as time passed.

The installation provides a cyclical experience, where the viewer first travels forward through the installation, seeing a myth about fire and the Methow Valley. The story is depicted through a series of projected icons upon the boards which create a perspective illusion, changing the experience depending on where the viewer stands. The installation was built into a shed on the site of TwispWorks, a community organization.

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Crate to Plate

Crate to Plate is a service that is designed to foster a healthy lifestyle for students, by making local food more convenient. Crate to Plate is an online subscription service that delivers a series of seasonal local ingredients, paired with recipes, making the process of buying and cooking local food more accessible. This cuts down on waste, which saves money, and helps students to learn how to prepare meals for themselves.  

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