Pollux is a modular system of optical instruments used for stargazing. The viewing unit can be paired with larger optical systems as the user grows and becomes more experienced navigating the night sky. Amateur astronomers use Pollux to understand the night sky and gain exposure to complex telescopes. The Pollux interface provides users the ability to identify celestial objects and constellations. The navigational system gives detailed information on astronomer discoveries, recent astronomy related events in the media, and location of new sites. Pollux provides a platform for users to gain a deeper understanding of our universe.



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Flight Deck Visualization Research

This independent study of Flight Deck Research explores new visual representations for spatial and temporal work tasks in commercial flight decks. The research applies a human-centered design approach to the commercial flight deck and flight information displays that supports the interactions between pilots and the aircraft. The development of a shared, sixth screen provides pilots with a collaborative middle space for information circulation and planning.

Erin Murphy

Community Slate

Community Slate is a platform for city planners to inform neighborhoods about development projects and gain feedback throughout a project timeline. Through a development sign, mobile phone, or desktop, residents are able to access the system and provide their input. Community Slate gives city planners access to valuable data about a neighborhood from the people who are affected most by the urban planning process, the residents.

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